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Golden Ridge Hi-Breds' Golden Irish

Here at Golden Ridge Hi-Breds, we specialize in raising the Golden Irish puppy. The Golden Irish cross is a cross between a Golden Retriever and an Irish Setter. This cross gives us a hybrid dog that has the best of both breeds. Since this breed is not a purebred it is also referred to as an Irish Golden or an Irish Retriever.

Our specialty is the Golden Irish as we have been a part of raising this breed for more than 8 years. We have concentrated all our efforts on this cross to bring you a puppy from our home in northwestern Indiana to your home!

Golden Irish Puppy Availability

We are excited to announce the expected birthdate of our next litter of F1 Golden Irish puppies! The anticipated birthdate is around January 26th, 2019. They should be ready to go home by Saturday, March 30th.  Puppy picking will start around the middle of March.

Our deposit list is full but we are still accepting applications for our waitlist. Please contact me at info@goldenirishhibred.com if you have any questions!  You can see photos of our prior puppies on our Facebook Page.

Golden Irish Puppies for Sale — Sold Out — Accepting applications  towards our waitlist

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Our Puppy Socialization Process

At Golden Ridge Hi-Breds, our puppies begin their socialization process on Day 1. Since we are family run, our puppies have the opportunity to be handled by children that range from young to old. In order to give you the best of quality in socialization, we follow the socializing techniques that are taught by Jan Fennell in the Dog Listener.

Golden Ridge Hi-Breds' Mission

We at Golden Ridge Hi-Breds are striving to produce a healthy, intelligent, and sweet-natured Golden Irish puppy, that excels at making your families laugh and give you as individuals devotion and companionship.

Golden Ridge Hi-Breds Offers

  • One of the few to offer a 3-year Health Warranty
  • An RFID Microchip for Identification
  • Dewclaws are Removed
  • A Licensed Vet Check prior to going Home
  • Completion of the required vaccinations
  • Up to $200 back in rebates
  • Lifetime of Support from Golden Ridge Hi-Breds

Pick Up on Site or Ship to You

Golden Ridge Hi-Breds is family owned and family run. We are conveniently located in Indiana, about half-way between Chicago and Indianapolis. With O’Hare and Indy international airports being located in these cities, we offer shipping to most major areas via professional pet carrying airlines.

We at Golden Ridge Hi-Breds are very comfortable with shipping puppies via these professional pet carrying airlines and are willing to arrange to ship our puppies if you desire to have your puppy shipped to you.

[title type=”h1″ align=”center” color=”#dd9933″]We at Golden Ridge Hi-Breds strive for perfection to bring you the highest quality puppies![/title]